The Cable Connection Ultra-tec® Wire Rope

Welcome to the world of see-through cable railing!

Ultra-tec® stainless steel cable railing hardware fittings are designed to be sleek and attractive when you can see them. And, when your design allows, our Invisiware® hardware hides inside your end posts so you can't see them.

Our Ultra-tec® cable railing products are easy to install and can be used for both indoor and outdoor residential and commercial applications using wood or metal end posts.

For do-it-yourself enthusiasts, we offer pre-assembled ready-to-install Cable Railing Kits for wood or metal posts. All kits come with installation instructions and are available for purchase on our shopping cart.

Join the growing number of proud owners of a premier stainless steel cable railing system that provides you with a safe, strong, low-maintenance guardrail for your deck, balcony, porch, stairs or cable fence that you can look right through. Find information on new products for 2017 here.

Ultra-tec cable railing components are machined at our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Carson City, NV, USA. At this same location, we assemble, package, and ship our products across the country and around the world.

Why Ultra-tec®?

Depending upon your perspective, Ultra-tec® cable railing has unique attributes that you will appreciate.


Rely on our application experts to recommend and provide you with the proper C.S.I specifications for the hardware and cable that is the most appropriate for your job. We will ensure that your needs for appearance, low maintenance, corrosion protection, ease of field installation, and a strong warranty are met or exceeded. For online continuing education course Ron Blank.


Saving you material and labor costs begins with having our application experts assist you with your frame design. We will make sure that you are informed of the best and easiest methods of installation and most cost effective hardware for your particular project. Do you like to drill holes through metal posts at an angle? We don’t either, and we wouldn’t think of suggesting it.

Contractors & DIY

By focusing on customer service, quality hardware, and the simplest installation techniques, we will make you look like an expert installer. Send us a sketch and we will have a detailed takeoff and pricing to you in 24 hours or less.

Cut-to-Length Cables

Send us a sketch (does not have to be a formal drawing) and we will create a layout and provide you with a takeoff of materials and pricing within 24 hours. We will also reach out to you if we have cost/time saving suggestions. Give us a try, it is FREE and we love to do it.

Ready-to-Install Kits

We stock pre-packaged ready-to-install kits that are suitable for most field conditions and do not require any type of field swaging tools. If after taking a look at the “Railing Kits” area of this site, you would still like application assistance, just give us a call, we want to help with your project.