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Before and After Deck Railing with Ultra-tec® Cable Railing!

This deck got a face-lift with cable railing infill from Ultra-tec®. See the improvements in the before and after photos.

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DIY Cable Railing Kits

Let’s face it, the reason you have chosen to install a DIY cable railing kit is because you have a view that you want to keep clear. Additionally, you want a low-maintenance option that won’t require the constant cleaning that a glass panel will. Lastly, you want to do the installation yourself.

When we talk about a DIY cable railing kit, we are not talking about a kit that leaves bulky-obtrusive fittings and exposed hardware in your line-of-sight. We are talking about sleek and attractive stainless steel fittings that are designed and manufactured for architectural purposes. These fittings are engineered for use in wood, metal and sleeved posts, specifically for your cable railing infill.

When we use the term DIY, we mean that we have designed our cable railing kits in such a way that you can complete the project yourself. Our DIY cable railing kits are easy to install with helpful step-by-step instructions and how-to videos. These kits are designed to maintain the sleek, attractive look that you wish to achieve. We even offer solutions where the fittings hide inside your posts.

When you choose Ultra-tec® cable railing kits, you choose low maintenance, easy installation, quality hardware and a sleek finished product. View our kit installation how-to videos to see how simple the installation really is.

10 Reasons to Attend the 2017 AIA Conference on Architecture

There are less than 2 weeks until AIA'17 and if you are still looking for reasons to attend, here are 10:

1. To see the long list of keynote speakers
2. To earn credits through a wide range of seminars, workshops, tours, and expo credit sessions
3. To learn what new products are available to help you solve your next problem on the expo floor
4. To discover new opportunities at any of the 40 networking events
5. To rock out with Jim Belushi and the Sacred Hearts Band
6. As an excuse for a getaway to sunny Orlando
7. To meet with one of your clients and discuss a specific project
8. To show the world of architecture and design your latest and greatest products as an exhibitor
9. To visit booth number 1619 and learn all about The Cable Connection’s Ultra-tec® line of stainless steel cable railing
10. All of the above

We look forward to seeing you at the show and sharing with you the reasons Ultra-tec® cable railing should be part of your next project.

Let's take a closer look at corner posts

When your cable railing run makes a turn at a corner, you have several options.
Utilizing double corner posts in your framework, depending on the length of your run, could mean a few things. You may be able to make the turn through your double corner posts without terminating. Less fittings= Less cost. With an extra-long run, you can terminate and begin in each post using the through the post design which again is more cost effective than terminating into the face of the post. These are the benefits of double corner posts.

If your layout utilizes a single corner post, you have options as well.

1. Offset your cable runs. If you do not care about having offset runs, you can use through the post fittings and minimize costs.
2. If you want level runs, see the images for your options. Terminating into the face of the post with one run and through the post with the other, or terminating into the face of the post with both runs.

If you are looking into cable railing, there are ways to minimize the cost. Let us do the work for you to provide the best options. Contact Us

Ultra-tec® The Preferred Brand!

Ultra-tec® is the preferred brand in Peninsula Publishing Inc.'s 2016 Building Products Brand Preference Survey for the category; Railing. Thank you for your support in 2016! We look forward to another successful year in 2017.

DIY Cable Railing Kits

DIY cable railing kits from Ultra-tec® are the perfect solution for your interior or exterior railing application. When you choose Ultra-tec® cable railing kits you will experience a multitude of benefits.

Some of the benefits of Ultra-tec®:

1. Ultra-tec® hardware is Made in America. We manufacture in Carson City, Nevada.
2. Ultra-tec® was designed specifically for architectural purposes. This leaves you with a sleek and elegant look and eliminates bulky, unattractive hardware that is found in some systems that were adapted from a marine application.
3. An ultra-simple installation process. DIY Ultra-tec® cable railing kits are complete with everything you need.
4. How-to videos on Ultra-tec®’s YouTube channel are readily available for you to follow along and ensure a trouble-free installation.

Ultra-tec® Install Recommendations have been Updated

The Cable Connection has conducted a thorough review of the engineering for cable railing. The objective of the review was to determine the cable tension necessary to resist the Sphere Pass-Through requirement of the 2015 International Building Code and the 2015 International Residential Code.

Construction was completed on a railing mock-up designed specifically to test cable railing and the Sphere Pass-Through requirement. Consideration for the requirements and a conservative safety factor were implemented for the testing. The tests resulted in a recommended Ultra-tec®, cable spacing of 3.125 in. between centers and a 48 in. unsupported span, which was formerly 42. The test also resulted in a cable tension recommendation of 225 lbs. which was formerly 400 lbs.

These results are important to you for a few reasons. Now you can have 48 in. of unsupported cable. This means less spending on materials. You will also be able to use lighter less costly end posts and spend much less time tensioning the cables due to the reduced cable tension of 225lbs.

The Smartest Update You Can Make, Ultra-tec®

This is a recent project completed by one of our customers. See how this stairwell is converted from an outdated railing system to a sleek system using Ultra-tec® Cable Railing.

We interviewed the fabricator about the project.

How did you learn about Ultra-tec® Cable Railing?

I learned about Ultra-tec® Cable Railing from a contractor in Sacramento a few years back who I made a stainless steel rail for. He provided the cables and I installed them. They were incredibly nice. I was impressed with the hardware and the simplicity (of the assembly). They just looked awesome!

Have you worked with other cable railing product before using Ultra-tec® Cable Railing?

I have previously used Cable Moore’s product. Their cables didn’t have the elegant look I was after. When you build a very nice stainless steel rail using top notch cables, the look is ten times better!

How many railing projects have you worked on?

I have worked on countless railings for myself and for other contractors. This year I was lucky enough to find a contractor who let me design and create some very attractive railings. I have now been given numerous buildings to remodel.

What product did you use alongside our cable railing in this project?

The other product I used was all of my stainless steel. It came from Valley Iron. The post mounted brackets I used were purchased from CR Laurence. I hand made the wall brackets I used.

What was the timeframe on this project? From order to completion?

This project took me about five weeks from start to finish.

Were there any obstacles you had to overcome with the installation on this project?

I did not have any major obstacles to overcome. If you take the time to layout the railing correctly it usually goes in without any problems. The only problem I had was on a separate project with my first set of cables. I wasn’t familiar on how to install the Push-Lock® Ultra-tec® Cables at first. I ruined a couple of them but a sales/service rep at The Cable Connection talked me through it. Now I’m a PRO!

Now it is your turn to start a project with Ultra-tec® Cable Railing!

Thank you to Santos with Architectural Metal Works for the great photos, participation and business!

Ultra-tec® is an award recipient in the Best of HOUZZ Design Category.

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Ultra-tec® Cable Railing Featured

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Ultra-tec® Cable Railing in NAHB New American Home

The Cable Connection was proud to be part of the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) New American Home project for the 2013 International Builders Show in Las Vegas.

“As the NAHB’s official show home, The New American Home is a symbol of energy efficiency and innovation. The home exhibits cutting-edge products available in the U.S. from manufacturers all over the world. The show home is a collection of ideas for the industry to take away—in large pieces, or bit-by bit—and put into millions of homes across the country each year…innovative products…for the future of home building.”

Among those cutting-edge products is cable railing by Ultra-tec. The New American Home has Ultra-tec cable railing throughout the interior and exterior, a great complement to the modern design of the house.

New American Home Photo Gallery