The Cable Connection Ultra-tec® Wire Rope

New Products For 2017


Introducing Isolation Bushings to prevent bimetallic corrosion

The new isolation bushing is made of black nylon and is mounted to both sides of the metal post (one per side). The back side bushing would be held in place by the through-the-post fitting. The bushing on the inside of the post will be held in place by a dot of silicone placed by the installer. The purpose of the bushing is to prevent dissimilar metals from touching one another. When they do, in an environment where there is an electrolyte present (like salt air), the two metals can electrochemically react to one another, causing corrosion, the most common example of which is rust, which can stain your posts. Keeping the metals apart with this bushing can help prevent that corrosion. Drill hole size is 41/64 (21/32 is okay if a 41/64 bit can’t be located).
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Introducing New Length Pull-Locks®

With the addition of these Pull-Locks for 1-1/2” pipe, 2” pipe, and 2-1/2” tube, there are now Pull-Locks to complement every length of Invisiware® Receiver tensioner we offer for metal posts up to 3” in length.
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Our 102 Series kits now come in both 1/8" and 3/16" cable!

The 102 Series can now be used with either 1/8” or 3/16” diameter 1x19 stainless steel cable. For use in either wood or metal posts, the threaded stud kits are a basic, functional fitting, not a hide-in-the-post solution. A brass hex nut and some metal thread (both covered by an optional end cap) will extend beyond the back of the post on one end. The tensioning device is a 2-7/8” long threaded stud which installs on the back side of one end post, and a Pull-Lock® fitting is installed through the other end.


Our new line of swageless fittings is now offered for both 1/8" and 3/16" cable!


Push-Lock® Concrete Anchor Bolt

Like its Push-Lock® siblings, the Push-Lock® Anchor Bolt is a non-tensioning fitting that is designed to work opposite either the Adjust-a- Body® with Anchor Bolt or Push-Lock® Turnbuckle Anchor Bolt tensioning fittings. The threaded portion of the fitting is turned into a Red Head® concrete anchor that has already been driven into a pre-drilled hole in the concrete surface. The Red Head® concrete anchor is sold separately at building supply retailers.
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Introducing the Swageless MK Stud™

A new day has dawned in the world of cable railing! NOT a Push-Lock® fitting, the MK Stud™ performs the same duty as Ultra-tec’s® S-4 swaging stud and its PLST-4 Push-Lock® Stud. Instead of a set of jaws like our Push-Lock® Stud, the MK Stud™ is outfitted with a tiny collet and set screw. Insert the cable into the stud and hand tighten it via the set screw — the MK Stud™ holds the cable as well as its swaged and Push-Lock® siblings. Since the outer diameter of the stud is bigger than that of our swaging stud, it is used with the new R-4 series of Receivers which are externally the same size as our R-6 Receivers.
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Introducing our New Pre-Tensioner!

Proper use of a Pre-Tensioner when installing cable railing allows you to really bend the rules of “How long can I go?” The problem until now is that they are expensive (our current version, the PT-250, sells for $231.00), and not particularly user-friendly. But, our newly designed Pre-Tensioner will be much less expensive, much easier to use, and still serve the same function. By pre-tensioning your cables before attaching the end fittings, you can pull most (if not all) of the stretch out of the cable, which allows for longer runs with less tensioning take-up required. An important tool for projects using shorter Invisiware® fittings in smaller OD metal posts.