The Cable Connection Ultra-tec® Wire Rope

Success Stories

The Cable Connection Saves the Day

A recent cable railing project was underway in Florida where the guys at Goddard Specialty Construction were installing Ultra-tec® from The Cable Connection. They reached out to us in desperate need for drill guides to complete the project and they needed them delivered as soon as possible.

The drill guides we manufacture and supply are built-to-order custom parts. This means the lead time is NOT next day.

But, when a customer is in a pinch, we are willing to work with them and in this case, we were able to jump into production of the drill guides to accommodate the customer. The Cable Connection expedited the production and shipment of the order to Florida to help out the customer. This meant they were able to complete the job on time with Ultra-tec® cable railing infill!

Goddard Specialty Construction has been installing for 14 years with some of the biggest jobs being the FEMA Pier rebuild in Pascagoula, MS, Chafeitz Stadium, Treehouse Masters, and St. Joe River Camps. There are more big jobs coming up for GSC. Note from Goddard Specialty Construction – “Couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for helping us with the drill guides.”

A Bronze Cable Railing Solution From Ultra-tec®

Lisa Lee in San Mateo County, California wanted a bronze cable railing system to complement the redwood decking. The bronze Ultra-tec® fittings were special ordered from us along with a tool kit so that she could swage cable railing hardware on-site.

Lisa said “We are VERY happy with how everything turned out.” She sent along some images of the impressive finished project and went on to mention that she thinks the deck looks better in person. We think the images are great!
Thank you Lisa!

The Fabricator’s Choice, Ultra-tec® Cable Railing

A metal fabricator was on the phone providing payment information for an order. The Cable Connection sales and customer service representative, Eddie, began talking with the customer about our product.

Eddie mentioned that there are a few other popular cable railing manufacturers on the market. The customer went on to explain that he had used several of the “other guys” products in the past. He said that once he used Ultra-tec® cable railing products the first time, he would only use Ultra-tec® cable railing products from that point on.

This is when the customer made the decision to purchase our tool kit. At this point, it is a commitment to the Ultra-tec® brand. The customer then has the option to cut and swage the cables themselves in the field which makes installation and ordering even simpler.

These are the stories we like to hear. If you have a similar story about Ultra-tec® cable railing and would like to share it with us, please do so.

A Testimonial from Homeowner Toby D.

"We really wanted to have cable railing on our new deck, but my deck contractor was concerned and recommended against it. Mainly because of other cabling he had done in the past and the problems they had run into with other company’s bulky hardware that was difficult to install. I chose to take on the task myself knowing that a novice like myself may run into problems. The information on your website was informative and helped me feel comfortable with purchasing and installing your kits."

"My contractor was so impressed with the finished product, that I think he will become your customer too. He also asked if I am available for installs. Thanks!"

Ornamental Fabricator

Back in November, we shipped a cut-to-length order to Randy, an ornamental fabricator, who built a post and rail system which called for R-6-12 (1-1/2” long) Invisiware® Receivers on one end and S-4 threaded swaging studs acting as stop-end fittings on the other end of ten different runs.

As the job was being completed in late January, the owner demanded one more run of cables be added to the job before he was going to pay Randy. We cut, swaged, and shipped the new cables in our usual three-day window and Randy was able to install the last run and get paid. Everyone is happy.

Russ Contracting

We worked with Russ, a contractor, to help him lay out the components for a job that included both 4x4 wood and 2-1/2” metal posts. In this case, the runs were long, so tensioning devices were used on both ends of every run.

R-6-82 Invisiware® Receivers were primarily used in the 2-1/2” metal posts and A-JB6 Adjust-a-Body® Hanger Bolts were needed to lag into the mostly wood posts on the other ends. A swager unit was rented from us so they could cut and swage the cables on-site. When the swager unit was returned, we were told the job turned out “cherry”. Sweet!

Fabricator Jose

Jose’s customer wanted to retrofit 3 decks worth of railing on his house, keeping the 6x6 wood posts already there, but replacing the existing railing infill, using 1 4” cable (a little thicker than the standard 3/16”). We suggested Invisiware® Receivers and Radius Ferrules on either ends of the three “view runs” and Adjust-a-Body® tensioners for the short side runs of each of the U-shaped decks. (Single posts at the corners required a stop and start for the perpendicular runs.

As there was no room behind the posts next to the house, the side runs had to be inside-of-post to inside-of-post.) In this case, Jose just ordered the cable and components separately, rented a swager unit and cut and crimped the cables onsite. The homeowners were so pleased with the result that they added cable railing for a gate as well.