The Cable Connection Ultra-tec® Wire Rope


Big Jobs
Order swage-on components and cable separately, rent (or buy) an Ultra-tec® swager for maximum cost efficiency.

Small jobs
Order swage-on components if you already own an Ultra-tec® swager, or order pre-swaged, cut-to-length cables from one of our stocking distributors, or purchase pre-packaged retail kits from your local building supply store.

Many hardware options
To address even the most complicated field requirements.

Invisiware fittings
For a clean, minimal look.

A variety of swageless fittings
To simplify field installation, cut-to-length on-site, so no swaging and no special tools required.

Quick, simple installation
Less time required initially and for later re-tensioning.

Installation videos
For both separately-purchased components and retail kits.

Unsurpassed customer service

ultra-tec cable railing