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1st Place Winner

$500 gift card goes to Goddard Specialty Construction, LLC
Cable Railing Treehouse
Congratulations to Goddard Specialty Construction!
This is part of the Zac Brown Treehouse which was in the season finale of “Treehouse Masters” in October of 2016. This project presented a very aggressive timeline in which the pace was dictated by TV production. It was a full-time installation by Goddard Specialty Construction, LLC and was completed in seven weeks. Four of the seven weeks included 16 hour days to complete the project. The finished project is a beautiful installation. A cool glow is cast during the evening by LED lights integrated into the railing which consists of 2x2 Aluminum posts (fascia mounted) and 1x3 top rail. The entire project used Ultra-tec Cable Railing hardware. This was a custom house “Space Crab” built for a children's retreat for education about wildlife and the outdoors. “We are proud of our crew and their hard work and equally proud to be associated with Ultra-tec Cable Railing. Without your support we could not have done this. Additional thanks to Patricia at Ultra-tec.”

2nd Place Winner

$250 gift card goes to Leslie Lindemann Interiors
Cable Railing Interior
Congratulations to Leslie Lindemann Interiors.
Leslie Lindemann Interiors was commissioned to update this 1970s waterfront condo in Long Beach. There were several options to replace the original all wood post railing, but the owner loved the idea of cable railing to tie into the beach theme. The beautiful stainless steel cables remind one of the boats out at the docks below the condo. The railing was designed by Leslie Lindemann Interiors with white wood posts and a natural wood cap. The railing was constructed by CSL Construction from San Dimas, California in just a matter of days. CSL found the video tutorial very useful in the construction of the railing. Thanks to Ultra-tech for such quality materials to work with resulting in a functional, yet beautiful design!

3rd Place Winner

$125 gift card goes to American Custom Fabricators
Cable Railing New York Skyline
Congratulations to American Custom Fabricators! This is a photo of the Weehawken Municipal Pier Superstorm Sandy Rebuild – Hudson River NJ.

1st Place Winner

$500 gift card goes to Rocky Mountain Creations

From the contractor, Jimmy DeLong of Rocky Mountain Creations:
“The photo was taken at Piney River Ranch outside of Vail Colorado as the sun was rising. It is open only for the summer months with cabins, yurts and glamping tents for rent. It is a hiking, fishing and wedding destination spot at the base of the Gore Range.”
“The cable rail system was installed on the deck, known as "the wedding deck" to replace an old weathered 2x4 rail system at the request of the client for a special event. I was the contractor hired by an automobile event management company to convert the rustic yet picturesque location into a stage.” Congratulations to Rocky Mountain Creations and thank you for choosing Ultra-tec cable railing for your project.

2nd Place Winner

$250 gift card goes to Alumina Railing Products, Inc.

This photo was taken at Scripps Networking in Knoxville, Tennessee. The commercial railing project uses Ultra-tec cable railing infill for the metal railing up the stairway and along the walkway. This photo is a prime example of using cable railing infill for an interior application for stair railing to keep the space open and airy. Congratulations to Alumina Railing Products, Inc. and thank you for choosing Ultra-tec cable railing for your project.

3rd Place Winner

$125 gift card goes to Loftus Ornamental Iron

This photo of the residential deck railing was taken in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This is another example of cable railing infill used to ensure no views are blocked. Congratulations to Loftus Ornamental Iron and thank you for choosing Ultra-tec cable railing for your project.

1st Place Winner 2015

$500 gift card goes to FabWorx, Inc.
Per Bryan McCully of FabWorx, this custom home near Jenner, California, on the Sonoma County coast, was one of their favorite projects.
They fabricated the structural steel, the railing on radius decks, a spiral staircase, and all visible railing in the photo.
The steel railing construction is powder coated a custom "sage green". Invisiware® Receivers were used to keep the 3/16" cables infill taut.

1st Place winner Fab Works Deck Cable Railing

2nd Place Winner2015

$250 gift card goes to Almanor Welding
Per Kirsten Working of Almanor Welding, they were contracted for this job on the peninsula at Lake Almanor, California.
The whole project is done in stainless steel, with Invisiware® Receivers and Radius Ferrules used throughout the project.

Almanor Welding Deck Cable Railing

3rd Place Winner 2015

$100 gift card goes to Deck Envy
Per Chet Leudtke of Deck Envy, this project is on the west shore of Lake Tahoe. While only one deck is seen here, there are multiple levels of decks, and the goal was to not compromise the incredible views. The railing framework consists of 6x6 posts and 3x6 top cap. 1/8” cable infill was secured to the posts with Adjust-a-Bodies with Hanger Bolts at both ends of each run.

Envy Construction Deck Cable Railing

1st Place Winner 2014

$500 gift card goes to Main Line Fence
According to Ryan Cianchette of Mainline Fence, the Portland Head Light is located at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. It dates back to 1787 and was commissioned by George Washington. Ryan also gave high praise to complete railing solution provider RailPro, whose "system was flawless."

Lighthouse at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

2nd Place Winner 2014

$250 gift card goes to photographer Henry Fradley
Henry took this shot of Goose Cove Retreat in Newfoundland, Canada while visiting there from his home in Hawaii. Goose Cove Retreat owner Paul Snow also tells us the highlight of the summer was using "10,000 year old ice cubes" to keep their drinks cold – chipped off icebergs floating past their shores.

Goose Cove Retreat

3rd Place Winner 2014

$100 gift card goes to homeowner Maryann Tomczyk
Retail kits from wholesaler Hansen Marketing Services were used in the remodel of existing decks on Maryann’s home on Lower Straits Lake.

Michigan Lake Home Cable Railing