The Cable Connection Ultra-tec® Wire Rope

Cable Railing Hardware

To find the cable railing hardware applicable to your project, you will first need to select your post type. If you are going to be installing the cable railing infill in an existing railing system you should ensure the structure is suitable to hold the tension of the cable railing. Our structural recommendations are in each category below. If you are designing a completely new system to use with cable railing you may want to refer to our design recommendations for wood and metal posts. Below you will find the products we have designed specifically for your post type.

Select the cable railing products that are designed specifically for wood posts, metal posts, sleeved posts or for use with concrete. We have designed fittings that require swaging and fittings that do not require swaging, also referred to as Swaged and Swageless fittings. Each cable railing run will require at least one tensioning fitting. The tensioning fitting is usually paired with a non-tensioning fitting. In some cases, extra-long runs or runs turning corners, you may need to use tensioning fittings at both ends of the run. Each of our fittings are simple to use and you will appreciate the time you saved by installing Ultra-tec® cable railing hardware.