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Cable Railing Kits

Cable railing kits from 5' to 60' lengths for wood or metal posts

How to choose the right cable railing kit for wood end posts (PDF File)
How to choose the right cable railing kit for metal end posts (PDF File)

262 series cable railing kit

  • retail cable railing kit

  • All cable railing kits come with stainless steel cable railing hardware fittings for both ends of your cable run, all washers and fasteners necessary, choice of 1/8" or 3/16" diameter 1x19 Type 316 stainless steel cable, and installation instructions.

    Order the DIY cable railing kits in cable length increments of 5' to 60' lengths. You will cut the cables to their proper lengths on site. Each kit contains one cable and all associated hardware. Accessories, such as mounting tabs, cable cutters, and other installation aids and equipment are ordered separately.

For coastal applications in a salt water environment, it is strongly recommended that E-Z Clean is purchased along with any kits. While Type 316 stainless steel, the most corrosion and rust-resistant stainless steel available, is used almost exclusively in our hardware, it is stain-less steel, not stain-proof. If you’re near the ocean, some maintenance will be required.

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