The Cable Connection Ultra-tec® Wire Rope

Installation Equipment

All the necessary equipment and tools for successful installation of Ultra-tec cable railing products.

Swager rentals

You can rent the equipment and tools needed to cut the cables and swage the fittings in the field.

650 Swager Rental Kit

for 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" cable

Swager Model 650
For swaging 1/8" through 3/8" diameter Ultra-tec® cable fittings. Use with Air Over or Electric Hydraulic Pump.
Hydraulic Swager 650

Electric Hydraulic 120V Pump
Increases swaging speed versus the Air Over Hydraulic Pump. No compressor needed.
Hydraulic Pump for Swager 650

Shipping Container
With compartments for cable cutting and installation tools and either air over or electric pump.
Container for Hydraulic Pump and Swager 650

610 Swager Rental Kit

for 1/8" and 3/16" cable only

Swager Model 610
Hand held. For swaging 1/8" and 3/16" diameter Ultra-tec® cable fittings. Use with Air Over or Electric Hydraulic Pump.
Hand held Hydraulic Swager 610

Air Over Hydraulic Pump
Air driven. Powers Model 610 or 650 Swager. Requires an air compressor capable of delivering at least 5.8 c.f.m. at 90 p.s.i. and a minimum 20-gallon tank. Minimum 1/4" I.D. air hose with a 1/4" male pipe thread required (not included).
Hydraulic Pump for Swager 610

Shipping Container
With compartments for cable cutting and installation tools.
Container for Hydraulic Pump and Swager 650

Cable cutter

For burr-free cutting of cable.
No. C-7HIT (for cutting 1/8" cable)
No. C-9 (for cutting 1/4" cable and under)
No. C-12 (for cutting 3/8" cable)
cable cutter

Cable gripping pliers

Locking pliers with machined jaws to grip the cable as you are tensioning the cable. Keeps the cable from turning and twisting and prevents damage to the cable when cable is being tensioned.
cable gripping pliers

Cable release key

PL-KEYReleases 1/8" cable (NOT 3/16") from Push-Lock® and Pull-Lock® type fittings before cables are tensioned.
cable railing release key image

Radius Ferrule Gauge

Use this gauge to confirm that the radius ferrules and studs have been properly swaged.
rf-gauge for checking swaged diameter

Grommet installation tool set

Needed to properly install grommets. Place grommet on tool, align grommet over hole, and tap lightly with a hammer.
cable railing grommets installation tool set

Hanger bolt driver

Use to install Adjust-A-Body® with Hanger Bolt tensioners. Makes driving hanger bolts fast and easy.
DRIVER HB-6N - for 1/8" and 3/16" cable
hanger bolt driver image


Used to cut cable flush with the end of Pull-Lock® fittings, and to cut excess threads off stud-type tensioners. Includes mandrel and two cut-off wheels.
cut off tool disk for cable ends image

Drill guide

Drill straight holes through your wood posts with a steel drill guide.
Use the drill guide to drill your pilot holes. Subsequent drills will follow pilot holes.
Clamp the guide to post and drill. It is best to drill one side, then the other.
When ordering, allow space for clamps. A 6" overall length drill is included that can also be used to drill your cable through holes.
Drill Guide Order Form
drill guide

Cable tension gauges

Check the tension on your cables with these easy-to-use gauges.
Model PT-CR For cable diameter of 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4"
Model PT-3 For cable diameter of 1/4" through 3/8"
cable tension gauges

Pre - Tensioner - PT 250

It allows you to tension long cable through the last intermediate post, making it easy to connect to the last end post.
Locking Pliers - Each cable diameter requires individual pliers which must be ordered separately.
VGJ-PT4C for 1/8" cable, VGJ-PT6C for 3/16" cable, VGJ-PT8C for 1/4" cable
cable pre-tensioner and locking cable pliers