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Solution: Custom Wire Rope Assembly

The Cable Connection exhibited at the Design 2 Part trade show in Santa Clara, California in 2016. While manning the booth, our OEM Sales Application Engineer for The Cable Connection, was approached by an attendee that decided we might be the company to provide a solution to his problem. He briefly discussed a few points and continued on.

The prospect had an idea of what he wanted to accomplish but he had no real solution. Our engineer spent the necessary time asking and answering the appropriate questions to get to the point of presenting a real solution.

Drawings were created from the discussions and sent back and forth a few times for review and revisions. The customer was satisfied with the design and was prepared to see a prototype.

At this point, we arrange to quickly produce the prototype. The prototype required cutting cables and the housing to specified lengths with precise tolerances, swaging balls to the cables, and assembling, testing and checking the assemblies to insure that they conformed to the drawing.

We received a message from the customer - “I mounted and adjusted cables this morning and they work great.”

At The Cable Connection, we pride ourselves on the ability to work with our customers to solve problems and provide prototypes quickly. This is an example of just that.

wire rope assembly

We have been making a part for a long-time customer that is the actuating portion of a fall protection device. Since the customer’s last design revision, this part has combined larger wire rope (for the required breaking strength) with a ball & shank fitting meant for a smaller diameter wire rope. In order to make it work, we have had to rotary swage the entire assembly – end fitting, cable and all – so it could be compressed to work with the existing design.

This was quite cumbersome as large volumes of wire rope had to be run through the rotary swaging machine, resulting in high labor charges, and a higher per piece charge to the customer. In order to simplify and shorten the process, our Shop Foreman proposed just swaging the end that required the smaller ball & shank fitting to reduce processing time for the part.Since that step would in turn require a couple smaller components in the design to be changed as well, we recommended replacements for them, too. After reviewing our suggestion, the customer agreed to the changes, and the next production run will be made using the revised design. It’s expected to save a lot of labor expense.

Solution: Custom Wire Rope Assembly
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