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Wire Rope Assembly Primer

1. Is there a current drawing of the assemble that you would like quoted?
If so, please submit to our Sales Department for quote.

2. If you are currently using a cable assembly in an application that you are having trouble with, please call our Engineering Department at 1-800-851-2961

There are many factors that need to be considered when building a wire rope assembly. Below is a guideline to help you identify what you need from your assembly and what kind of environment in which it will reside. When you fill in the blanks for us, it will help us determine what materials you will need and how much time and effort we will have to expend to produce it for you.

3. What is the application?

4. In what type of environment will the cable assembly be operating? ( High heat, caustic chemicals, salt air, etc.)

5. Will the cable assembly be operating over bends or pulleys? If do, what is the groove diameter of the pulley?

6. Under what load will the assembly be operating? What loads could the assembly be exposed to? Is it possible that the cable assembly will encounter a shock load?

7. Does the wire rope need to be Mil-Spec or domestic? Will import cable be acceptable? (South Korean)

8. Are you aware of any requirements for pre-stretching or pull testing? If so, do you have any specifications to which you must adhere?

9. Do you have any specifications or requirements concerning the swaging of the terminals other than listed with the part number in this catalog?

10. If you are not sure of any of the above criteria, and you would like assistance from our engineering staff, please call us at this time. 1-800-851-2961

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